Why Join?

  • To have a voice in determining the issues, goals, and priorities of the association.
  • To be able to participate in a faculty forum independent of oversight from the University Administration
  • To be able to benefit from collective professional legal support.
  • To increase our numbers; the more numerous we are (and the more active), the greater will be our leverage in addressing asymmetries of power that disadvantage the faculty body at AUB.

You can also benefit from legal services and special services & discounts listed below.

Legal services:

The legal team (the Team) hired by AUB FUn (the Association) officially advises the Association on various legal matters pertaining to its objectives, and represents it in local and international courts in case of litigations and/or any other legal affairs affecting its constituents.

The Team for 2013-2014 consists of:

– Dr. Abdel-Salam Cheaib, Attorney-at-law, President of the Public Freedom and Human Rights Committee at the Beirut Bar Association.

– Me. Nayla Geagea, Independent Legal Consultant, Registered Lawyer at the Beirut Bar Association.

Members of the Association shall benefit, as part of their membership advantages, from the following legal services provided by the Team:

1. Consultations and inquiries about legal cases involving the following matters: academic freedom, discrimination, grievances, promotion, contract disputes, employment law, and other work-related legal matters. The following conditions apply:

  • If a conflict arises between a member of the Association and the University administration, or a third party, and this conflict is related to one of the abovementioned matters as approved by the Executive Committee, the Team shall duly represent the member.
  • If a conflict arises between two members of the Association and this conflict is related to one of the abovementioned matters, the Team shall take the role of a mediator only. Should the mediation fail, the Team may recommend referral to other lawyers.

2. The consultations include an initial telephone conversation, one in-person meeting, and subsequent email exchanges, provided that the total work does not exceed a maximum of one legal hour per Association member per year. Exceeding this maximum requires the approval of the Executive Committee.

3. Provision of briefs of cases with similar circumstances and issues.

4. Advice on whether a case is worth pursuing through legal channels.

5. Referral, where appropriate, to lawyers who are experts in labor and higher-education litigation. The Association will maintain on-file a list of lawyers having the required expertise to personally represent faculty members facing litigation.

6. When needed, and after obtaining the approval of the Executive Committee, a member of the Association can ask the Team to send legal correspondence to University officials.

The legal services offered do not cover the following:

  • Representation in court;
  • Personal business and legal issues (such as real estate, civil status, personal litigations, and all other matters not pertaining to the specific objectives of the Association);
  • One-on-one subsequent consultations with the Association lawyers (which may be offered through a negotiated rate).

Contact information for legal services:

Email: aubaaup.legal@gmail.com

Phone: 01-354440

Special services and discounts:

 1) Middle East Airlines (MEA) corporate rates for AUB professors and their families

AUB Faculty United in collaboration with the Office of Auxiliary Services at AUB have succeeded in reactivating the MEA corporate discounts for personal trips of AUB faculty members AND their direct families. To benefit from this discount you need to follow the following steps:

–          The AUB member contacts MEA personally (http://www.mea.com.lb/English/ContactUs/Pages/CallCenter.aspx), does his/her reservation with his/her family members, then contacts the Travel Office at AUB (http://www.aub.edu.lb/AUXILIARY/TRAVEL/Pages/default.aspx) with the PNR (Passenger Number Reservation).

–          The Travel Office then authorizes the provision of the discounted rates and the member pays in cash and follows up with the MEA offices.

–          Other travel facilities such as extra baggage allowances and other benefits are at the discretion of MEA management and are not included.

–          For more information please contact the Travel Office at extension 2370.

2) Discount for purchases at Librairie Antoine

All members of AUB Faculty United now benefit from a 10% discount on book items and stationary, as per the details below:

–          10% discount at the cash desk on all book items and stationery upon presentation of your AUB ID card (all press and certain designated book and non-book items excluded).

–          This facility is offered in only 3 selected branches: Hamra, Sin El Fil, Achrafieh-Sassine, to the exclusion of any other branch (Locate these branches here: http://www.antoineonline.com/FindUsInLebanon.aspx). Please note for clarity purpose that currently all AUB staff and students are entitled to a 10% discount on TEXTBOOKS only at the AUB Bookstore.

–          You will be required to fill out loyalty card information before benefitting from the first discount. This information will remain confidential and used solely for Librairie Antoine’s own statistical records and for specifically targeted marketing operations.

–          Note that usually Librairie Antoine grants in-kind advantages through its loyalty card program, which costs 50$/card. AUB FUn members now benefit from a direct 10% cash discount, without the need to purchase the loyalty card.

3) Discount for shipments through Aramex

For your information, Aramex (http://www.aramex.com/) already grants all AUB faculty members up to 30% discount on the shipping of documents and small parcels from Beirut. For example, documents sent to Europe or North America would cost an AUB faculty member 25$ instead of 36$. For more information on this, you can contact Aramex customer service: Gefinor, Hamra, Gefinor center block B ground floor, Tel:+961 (1) 741538.

4) Air France/KLM corporate rates for AUB professors and their families

AUB Faculty United has secured that AUB faculty members benefit from corporate discounts on Air France and KLM flights for their personal travel requests, in addition to the professional requests coming directly through the AUB Travel Office. To benefit from these discounts for you and your direct family members, you can contact the Air France Corporate department. You will need to provide them with a copy of your AUB id when making the booking.

Air France Corporate department: 01-977999, mail.corporate.bey@airfrance.fr

5) Discount on traditional Lebanese food orders

Members of AUB Faculty United can benefit from a 10% discount on food orders from “Akleh”, a newly established traditional food kitchen operated by the The Food Heritage Foundation (affiliated with AUB’s ESDU). The Foundation can be reached at 71-731437 and www.food-heritage.org.