Kamal Salibi Award

Kamal Salibi Academic Freedom Award

About the Award

The Kamal Salibi Academic Freedom Award is given annually to a current or former faculty member at the American University of Beirut in recognition of an outstanding contribution to academic freedom at the University. The award is established by AUB Faculty United, an independent association of full-time AUB faculty members and a chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), in honor of the late Lebanese historian Professor Kamal S. Salibi (1929-2011).

Professor Salibi was Professor Emeritus of History at AUB and first president of the Faculty Association at the university (established in December 1985). Aside from his outstanding academic career, Professor Salibi was also a staunch defender of academic freedom and a relentless advocate of professors’ rights.

The recipient of the award is presented with 500 US$ and a plaque at the May General Assembly meeting of AUB Faculty United, and asked to address the Association on relevant issues.  A reception honoring the recipient is held immediately after the meeting.

Eligibility and Nomination

To be eligible to receive the award, a person must have been connected to AUB at the time the actions listed in support of the nomination were performed.  These actions may have supported academic freedom at AUB or outside it. Nominations will be assessed by the Award Advisory Committee on the basis of the significance of the nominee’s acts which support, defend, explain, or apply the principles of academic freedom.


 2014 Kamal Salibi Academic Freedom Awardee

Dr. Imad ElHajj, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

2015 Kamal Salibi Academic Freedom Awardee

Dr. Arianne Shahvisi, Assistant Professor of Philosophy




-Dr. Helga Seeden

-Mr. Omar Slim

-Kamal Salibi Academic Freedom Awardee