How to Join

Membership in the association is open to all full time academic personnel at the American University of Beirut. This includes faculty members of professorial rank, in addition to full time instructors, lecturers and senior lecturers.

Membership in the association requires that you join the AAUP, and that you pay separately a yearly chapter fee of 100,000 LBP. These fees are required to fund the local activities of the chapter which are independent from the AAUP.

Step 1: Join the AAUP (online with credit card)

On the page, identify your “Band” based on your salary level, and click on the corresponding “Add to Shopping Cart”. On the next page click on “Order Checkout”.

Complete the fields on the next page: it is suggested to use the Beirut address and not the NY address; for state, choose “Foreign”.

AAUP typically charges your credit card within 48 hours, and this is when your membership becomes active. You will receive a package from AAUP within 2-3 weeks containing a welcome letter and essential information about the organization.

Step 2: Payment of chapter dues

Kindly send a message to and you will be contacted by a faculty coordinator to collect the chapter fees. These can be paid cash or by a check issued to the order of AUB Faculty United.

One comment

  1. Issam Kouatli


    Would it be possible to join AAUP where I belong to a different university (no defined chapter in my university), but also located in Beirut. I will need an urgent advice on unfair demotion (the word demotion never existed in the Bylaws) as well as unfair termination of my employment (after 15 years of service to my employer/university)

    Best regards

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