General Assembly Resolutions March 3, 2014

Dear Colleagues,

This is to inform you that during its fourth General Assembly, held on March 3, 2014, AUB- Faculty United  adopted the following:

I. AUB Faculty United, Resolution 1-2014
AUB Faculty United congratulates members of the Senate who have taken a courageous stand for greater accountability in administrative decision-making at AUB, and fully endorses the Senate’s resolution of no-confidence in the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Georges DeBin.
II. AUB Faculty United, Resolution 2-2014

In light of the serious violation of data privacy at AUB, and the direct responsibility of the Internal Auditor in the network infrastructure mismanagement of procurement, and the evidenced breach of the position’s responsibilities and duties, AUB Faculty United recommends to the Board of Trustees that the Internal Auditor Andrew Cartwright be relieved from his duties.